Why TinyBumz?

We are a family owned and family run business.

Our family includes: Superpops, Nana, Mommy & Daddy and their sweet girls, Addie and Nevie, and Aunt T & Uncle Jake (now mommy and daddy) and their newest addition, baby Madison!

We were customers before we became owners.

When trying to adjust our budget and eliminate diaper costs and after seeing how many bags of diapers were being thrown away from our household alone, we were convinced it was time to do cloth diapers. We researched every kind of cloth diapers and then borrowed several different cloth diapers (many well known brands and others not so much) before being convinced that TinyBumz was the diaper for us! Being big fans and telling the world about TinyBumz, we never knew that this would become our very own business, thanks to our girls and their bumz!

We believe Giving is Better.

Not only are we passionate about helping families save money, save the environment and save their baby's tiny bumz, we want to be able to bless people along the way. Learn more about how we do this through community service.

What our customers are saying:

“TinyBumz are so cute and my daughters have loved them. I wish every parent knew how easy and versatile these diapers are. The snaps are fabulous, the fabric is so soft, and the comfort and absorbency is great. And not to forget, I never get tired of seeing the fun colors.”

- Mom of baby and toddler who both use TinyBumz

“I use TinyBumz for my 4 year old daughter who is potty trained, but still wets the bed at night. TinyBumz have been a great way for her to have leak coverage, but not have to feel like a baby wearing a diaper. TinyBumz give the allusion of underwear and she loves her PRETTY IN PINK.”

- Busy Mom

“I once said I would never change a diaper. NEVER! We'll, after my first child was born, I never looked back. However, going to cloth diapers was even more of a hurdle for me. But I must say, that Tinybumz are so cool and the disposable liners make cloth diapering a breeze. The financial savings have truly been my favorite part of the whole deal! Thanks Tinybumz for helping our family.”

- A "Daddy-O"

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