How-to-Use Instructions

*Undergarments worn for video purposes only

Step #1: Prepare vertical snaps on diaper for correct fit.

Infant / Small / Medium / Large

Step #2: Slide inserts into the diaper's pocket.

Cloth insertUse 1 insert for daytime use (average 2-4 hrs depending on your baby)

Use 2 inserts for nighttime use for older babies and toddlers

Use 3 inserts for nighttime use for newborns and young babies

Step #3: Place a disposable liner on top of the fleece.


Step #4: Place baby on diaper and snap up the two side tabs around baby's waist.

It is important that the diaper is snug, but should not leave marks when worn.

NOTE: For boys or babies that sleep on their tummies, you might want to make sure the diaper is higher in the front than for babies that sleep on their back. This ensures protection from leaks during long naps or night-time sleep.

Step #5: Remove diaper and flush the disposable liner, if soiled. Otherwise, put entire diaper into the diaper pail and set aside for the next wash.

Disposable liners can be washed up to 4-5 times with the diapers for multiple use.

Repeat steps #1 - 5

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